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Daosafe Turnstiles & Speedgates

Turnstiles serve as effective gateways for restricting access to buildings or designated areas, ensuring that only one person can pass through at a time. These versatile gates offer two primary methods of access restriction: payment-based mechanisms like coin slots or ticket scanners, and clearance-based systems like ID card or pass scanners.

Explore the Various Types of Turnstiles

Waist-High Turnstiles :

Featuring three fixed arms at waist level, these turnstiles are widely used and offer flexibility in various applications. While they are vulnerable to tailgating and jumping over, they are commonly equipped with coin slots or barcode scanners for access control.

Full-Height Turnstiles :

Resembling revolving doors, full-height turnstiles permit one-way passage and are equipped with a locking mechanism to prevent multiple entries. They offer enhanced security compared to waist-high turnstiles and are bi-directional, allowing both entry and exit as needed.

Optical Turnstiles :

These turnstiles are ideal for locations where physical barriers are unnecessary. They feature retractable glass flaps or a single metal arm and may include infrared sensors for access control. Optical turnstiles are often used for entry counting and can trigger alarms in case of unauthorized access.

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Airports, train stations, bus terminals, & subways use turnstile gates for ticket validation and crowd control.


Government & Commercial

Gov buildings, embassies & military ,Office buildings, corporate & campus utilize turnstile gates.



Plants, warehouses,& industrial facilities use turnstile gates to restrict access to production areas



Hotels, resorts, hospitality venues deploy turnstiles for guest access control, in areas like fitness centers & pools.


Entertainment & Sports

Stadiums, arenas, concert venues, parks Gyms, fitness centers & recreational facilities utilize this for security



Schools, universities & educational institutions use turnstile gates to regulate access to campuses, dormitories, and restricted areas.

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