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KuiqMeeting Solution for Your Unique Workspace Management Needs

Welcome to KuiqMeeting, where innovation meets seamless workspace management. Book, track, and optimize meeting rooms effortlessly and elevate your experience with our futuristic solution designed to cater to your unique needs. Boost productivity with our mobile-friendly platform. Explore all the extraordinary features from KuiqMeeting now!


KuiqMeetings provides a seamless experience for booking meeting rooms and workspaces. Our solution boasts a compatible graphic user interface that runs on both Android and Windows devices. With remote room allocation management, you can efficiently oversee meeting spaces without being on-site. The system is battery-operated, cable-free, and includes an inbuilt visitor management system. Create portable visitor badges, capture attendance, and gain insights through the admin dashboard. Enjoy easy integration, track approvals, and stay informed with host notifications. Deploy it on the internet or intranet for efficient room management. Know More


Check out the benefits and amazing features that KuiqMeeting has to offer:

  • Office Scheduling and Workspace Management
  • With a simple solution, a business can allocate the same meeting room or desk for many people. Thus, it reduces the pressure of allocating a separate space for everyone. All you need to do is assign different timings for different employees. Maximise the utilisation of the same space for your business needs with our customised workspace management. Apart from that, you can use the same meeting room multiple times using a single software to book it.

  • Reduces Overheads
  • One of the primary features of workspace management is that it reduces the cost a company owner bears. Thus, a business owner just needs to buy the solution and provide rooms to their employees based on a fixed amount of time. It is also easy to operate and does not require additional space procurement for a business to function. This in turn reduces spending on space procurement or maintenance of an office floor. Book meeting rooms conveniently anytime and anywhere with the KuiqMeeting app!

  • Showing Status
  • With the incorporation of such technologies, it is easy to show the status of a particular meeting room easily. This is because live notifications are enabled in the software. A single dashboard access also streamlines the experience of booking and using a meeting room.

Other Features

  • Door Access Control - RFID/NFC Controlled Access only for meeting invitees
  • Capture meeting attendance Check-in & Check-out
  • Room Sanitization Update
  • Meeting Delegate Label - ePaper dynamic display, Re-suable, battery operated
  • Event Ordering Service
  • Visitor Management
  • Signage - Room specific or universal signage for greetings & notifications and many more

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Offices, Office Spaces for Rent, Commercial establishments, and Workspaces



Government buildings, embassies, and government offices

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