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Industries such as Banking, Healthcare, Government departments, and legal firms often have a tough time tracking, managing and maintaining a humongous amount of paperwork and files. Locating important documents can be a time-consuming affair and could be prone to errors, minimising employee productivity. Misplace or theft of highly confidential documents also creates a drastic impact on a business. RFID file tracking technology is a powerful tool by which businesses can transform their file tracking systems. Enhance file management efficiency, improve productivity, ensure data security, and make better-informed decisions with WOWRFID’s Bene Files Tracking Solution.

Industries We Serve


Corporates and government

Track, manage and maintain government records, simplify the document management process, maintain data security and confidentiality, and improve operational efficiency with RFID tracking.


Search and quickly retrieve patient information, medical history, diagnoses, and treatments, avoid data breaches and ensure a high level of security with RFID file tracking solution.




Simplify documentation, ensure authorised access, and protect sensitive information with RFID file tracking.


Handle multiple legal documents and records efficiently and protect confidential information with RFID file tracking.


How does RFID File Tracking work?

An RFID based file tracking solution facilitates tracking and tracing of files and documents using UHF RFID tags. Each file will have an RFID tag with a unique ID attached to it and can be read and populated with data with a mobile device. Installing RFID readers and antennas at the exit points of the premises prevents unauthorized movement of files.


  • Enables an organization/department to identify, track, verify and efficiently manage documents.
  • Facilitates the physical and digital ids of Important files such as legal documents, signed contracts, accounting documents, wills, deeds etc.
  • Enables the checking of individual files and the associated documents within the files at the time of issuing and returning (Each Check-in and Check-out) from the authorities.
  • Provides visibility to the file access, movement and location history of critical documents, reducing the chances of loss or misplacement of files.
  • Updating the records of each document along with its current location.
  • The system enables Rapid counts and Swift Audit.


  • Real-time tracking of files
  • Improved accuracy and visibility of files
  • Highly reliable and error-free method of file identification
  • Minimizes the chances of files being lost or misplaced or unauthorized movement
  • Increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime
  • Maintains data security and confidentiality
  • Scalable, accommodating changing organizational needs
  • Can be integrated with document management systems or workflow automation tools
  • Significant cost savings

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At ScreenCheck, we always go the extra mile to provide the best, cutting-edge solutions to our clients that benefit their businesses. Revolutionize your business with RFID file tracking technology! Improve visibility and accuracy of files, enhance productivity, and ensure data security with our highly advanced, customised RFID File tracking solutions. Let your business reach new heights!

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