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Hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres and hospitality industry comprising hotels, spas and resorts have massive amounts of linens and uniforms in-house that needs to be laundered daily. All linens and uniforms have to undergo a rigorous laundry process to ensure hygiene. However, this is quite a time-consuming labour-intensive process which incurs high expenses and does not guarantee that all linens are washed or returned. The manual process could also result in thefts and possible losses in revenue. An RFID-based laundry tracking system makes things absolutely easy!

Industries We Serve



Track and manage inventory with greater efficiency and accuracy, reduce the loss of laundry items, and make significant cost savings with RFID laundry tracking solution.

Airline industry

Track laundry efficiently and accurately, ensure passenger comfort and hygiene standards, minimise manual labour, improve operational efficiency, and make significant cost savings with RFID laundry tracking solution.




Ensure accurate and efficient inventory management, reduce linen theft and depreciation, and improve infection control processes with RFID-based laundry management.

Improve the efficiency of laundry processes with Bene RFID-based Laundry Management

Accurately identify, track, and manage large amounts of textile assets, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce management costs with WOWRFID’s Bene Laundry Management System. Our RFID-based Linen and Uniform tracking system streamlines and automates linen and uniform management, reducing manpower and expenses and provides real-time, accurate information which enables you to make informed decisions. The system has several unique features and powerful reporting capabilities for efficient management of all aspects of linen and uniform management at healthcare facilities.

RFID-based Laundry Management: How does it work?

With Bene Laundry Management System, you can automatically track and manage laundry processes for customer-owned and rental uniforms and linens. The RFID technology operates by electronically reading RFID tags attached to the uniforms and linens, enabling automatic identification, counting and tracking. The system also enables sorting and validates pick-ups and deliveries. RFID-based Laundry Management optimizes washing cycles, reduces costs and losses and provides complete control over the process.

Features of Bene Laundry Management

  • Get accurate count of the number of wash cycles
  • Reduce manual sorting process
  • Facilitates automatic inventory of garments in each stage of the process
  • Be in control of various phases of washing, ironing etc
  • Reduces theft and loss
  • A cost-effective alternative to other technologies
  • Customizable for different market players


  • Provides real-time traceability and status visibility of all laundry
  • Optimizing laundry traceability, effective management of the entire lifecycle of the linen and uniforms from day one till the final discard
  • Eliminates various labour-intensive manual tasks such as separating and hand-counting linens and uniforms at various stages, reducing manual errors
  • Significantly reduces energy bills
  • Automated data processing for greater operational efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Choose ScreenCheck For Your Laundry Tracking Needs

At ScreenCheck, we are consistently focused on providing our clients the best-in-class, cutting-edge RFID tracking solutions that transform their businesses. Get real-time traceability and status visibility of all laundry, enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction with our highly advanced, customised RFID Laundry tracking solutions. Take your business to greater heights!

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